What people say about MAK ?

Basem Obaid - Area Manager - Middle East & Africa- LRQA

Said: (At LRQA Middle East & Africa, we are proud of our partnership with MAK and appreciate MAK's team for their professionalism, dedication and commitment towards delivering a consistent and high value added LRQA services to our clients in Palestine.)

Muhannad Al Kayyed - LRQA Business Manager for Jordan

Said : MAK International is Very professional with very competent and high caliber staff

Ghassan Al – Jamal

Project Development Specialist - Private Enterprise Office- USAID

Said: Throughout the past two years, MAK International was more of a partner than a service provider to USAID, delivering high-value, international-level services to USAID beneficiaries, helping us provide the best support through our projects. We were so happy with our experience with MAK and I hope we can work with them on future activities.


Fahim H. Alzubaydi
Quality Assurance Manager- Birzeit Pharmaceutical Co

Said: The strides and the directions done by MAK International demonstrate  a strong commitment to the field, since the goal of Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company is to be in the lead, MAK International always contributes in achieving our goal .


Mohammad Hamdan - Quality Director - Pharmacare PLC

Said : MAK Team shows technical competent and a thorough understanding of auditing standards; their audits reports are always contain sufficient details which consider as potentials for our improvements.  On behalf of Pharmacare, thanks and we look forward to working with you in the future, for the enhancement of our systems


Imad Qamhawi – Agriculture expert - carana USAID

Said : MAK is Deliverers.

شهادة من السيدة علا عوض/رئيس الجهاز المركزي للإحصاء الفلسطيني

من منطلق الحرص على تطوير وتحسين جودة الأداء، بما يخدم إنتاج الرقم الإحصائي الرسمي الفلسطيني بدقة ومصداقية، سعى الجهاز للحصول على شهادة الجودة العالمية ISO 9001:2008 ، وقد تم اختيار شركة "ماك انترناشونال" لتحقيق هذا الهدف ، حيث أبدت الشركة اهتماماً كبيراً وحرصاً على القيام بمهمتها على أكمل وجه، وتوفير الدعم والمساندة للجهاز للإيفاء بمتطلبات الحصول على الشهادة. إن الجهاز وإذ يعتز بهذه التجربة المميزة مع هذه الشركة يتمنى لها مزيداً من التقدم والنجاح والتوفيق.

Liana Katarina - LRQA EMBS Technical Manager- Greece

Said: It is a pleasure working with MAK International due to the professionalism of the people. Yasmeen Abu Baker has proved to be valuable help during the audits I have conducted in Palestine. Thanks and keep on the good job.

Marwan Barakat – Quality Management Representative – Palestinian Central Bureau of statistics

Said :

خلال فترة تعاملي مع شركة ماك, لمست تميزها الفريد, فمنذ اللقاء الأول تم نسج أواصر الشراكة مع الجهاز المركزي للإحصاء الفلسطيني, بمهنية و اقتدار وحرص.

ما يميز شركة ماك هو الجمع الخلاق بين المهنية العالية و النزاهة من جهة , ودفء العلاقة و قوتها مع الزبائن من جهة أخرى

"تجاوز جميع القيود البيروقراطية في سبيل تلبية متطلبات ورضى الزبائن": هذا ليس شعار دعائي, أنه واقع يمثل نهج وطريقة عمل الشركة في جميع تعاملاتها.

كل الشكر و التقدير لهذه الشركة الرائدة

Iyad Taradeh – Quality Manager – Al Junidi Dairy company

Said : After two years of working with MAK CO.Palestine , I am here to profess in the professionally of the MAK Team, who in dead is going in his massage with Literalism and Objectivity, without quitclaim in the quality and food safety essentials and Bases.

With MAK Team you will find  Quality , Continual improvement & development , Food safety solutions , answer for each question , solution for any quality problem , So in MAK you will find what you asked for or what you have in your mind.

Finally I strongly recommended MAK CO. Palestine to be your guide for   Quality and Food safety in both training and surveillance , because they are the best .

Good  Luck and nice wishes for all of MAK Team ,  Hope it will be a beautiful and a graceful year for all of you.

Eng. Fuad I. AKRA Technical Manager - Palestinian Food Industries Association  

Said : I deal with MAK as a certification and training body, it was the best company in this field, they provide a good service in the exact time"

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