Our Partners
1.Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (certification scheme) :

MAK International enjoys the partnership with LRQA since 2001. We have our qualified team who performs the audits, assessments and trainings on behalf of LRQA. With LRQA MAK international provides accredited training and audits in the fields of Food safety and Quality standard like ISO9001, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 ,HACCP , SA8000 . In ISO9001:2008 Field .

By MAK- LRQA accredited Auditors we have certified:

  1. 33 companies against ISO9001 standard .
  2. 7 companies against ISO22000 standard ,
  3. 4 companies against ISO14000 standard
  4. 6 olive oil pressers
  5. one industrial company against HACCP
  6. two companies against SA8000
  7. One company for FSSC 22000
  8. One company for ETI Ethical trading Initiative

Lloyds Register quality Assurance (training part):

By MAK – LRQA accredited trainers; we have trained :

  1. more than 150 delegates in the field of accredited internal auditing courses and Lead auditor courses
  2. more than 150 delegates in the field of accredited quality management system trainings ,
  3. more than 50 delegates in the field of accredited food safety management system trainings,
  4. we have trained more than 50 delegates in the field of process mapping trainings
  5. Also we have trained more than 50 delegates in the field of Occupational Health and Safety standards
  6. More than 20 delegates on the SA8000 and Ethical trading Initiative requirements
2..Control Union Certification :

MAK International is authorized by Control Union Certification to deliver all agribusiness related certification and training services such as GLOBALGAP, BRC and Organic.
MAK International enjoys this relation ship with control union since 2005 starting the first GLOBALGAP project initiated in Palestine mainly in Gaza strip.
Control Union certification authorized and qualified our team to perform all inspections on behalf of them.
MAK - CU have successfully implemented certain number of projects with different international, organisations and donors
GLOBALGAP certification project in Gaza Strip:

GLOBALGAP certification project in Gaza Strip certified 26 farmers for GLOBALGAP ( Strowberry and cherry tomato) Trained 8 agronomist and 26 farmers

PARC GLOBALGAP certification project for PARC 2007-2008-2009:

2 years GLOBALGAP in West Bank and Gaza Strip. targeted 250 growers for GLOBALGAP Option I and 12 option II First year ,a total of 160 growers have been certified for both Option I and Option II
GLOBALGAP including 10 agricultural cooperatives For the second Year , 6 PMOs were certified for Option II NEW Contract for three years to certify 200 growers against GLOBALGAP each year

USAID GLOBALGAP certification project (2007-2008-2009-2010-2011)

The First Year the Project targeted 25 Growers In Jordan Valley for fruits and vegetables. 22 growers were assessed and 18 were certified with Global gap The Second Year the project Targeted 8 growers In Jordan valley The project targeted Palgarden company to be certified with BRC certification by MAK- Control Union , in the year 2010 and 2011 we certified more than 18 cooperative in west bank and Gaza with more than 300 growers .

FAO GLOBALGAP Project 2008-2009

MAK – CU certified 5 PMOs under option II and 17 growers Under Option I GLOBALGAP for FAO project Private Companies were certified Global GAP and renew their certificate each year like Khaizaran agribusiness company and Holy land
Control Union – MAK International has certified two companies with Organic certification who are Al Awael Company and Al ard Agro-product company


3. Chartered Institute of Environmental Health - CIEH : MAK International is the main and only provider
of the CIEH accredited food safety training in the region since the year 1998. With MAK – CIEH accredited trainers we have trained more than 200 persons on food safety courses like:
  1. Level I award in food safety
  2. Level II award in food safety
  3. Level III awards in HACCP (HACCP in Practice)
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